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PARISUTHA VEDHAGAMAM NAMBHAGAMAANADHA? YES Indeed yes, claims this book. Several records such as history, science, culture and archaeology etc testify the credibility of the contents of the Bible. This book has been produced by gathering all such evidences and narrating them as snippets and tries to show you a new dimension to the Bible. THALLUBADIYAAGAMA KADHAIGAL Presentation in the form of stories of the events that are not found in the Bible. So that the new generation to know… Apart from the Bible, there are several historical events, and incidents pertaining to the Bible. When our forefathers, compiled the Bible, considered some of those records as irrelevant and kept it away. The compilation of such records is the outcome of this book. Though some of our previous generation of Christians knew about this, yet this is new for the new generation. Hence, events that are helpful are sourced and they are narrated in the form of short stories and are presented.

Thallupadiyagama Kathaigal

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