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The most important book which the people of the last days' generation ought to know is the Book of Revelations. For, this book reveals details of all the events that shall take place during these last days wherein we are living now. The Book of Revelations is primarily filled with words of prophecy. Hence in order to understand this book, we need the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. This book contains not only the events till the last day of the world but extends further beyond, reaching up to the will of God, that has been bestowed by the Lord unto mankind. This book is not the one which interprets every single verse the Book of Revelations and explains its' contents. The objective of this book is to narrate to you in detail about some of the significant events that have been expressly spelt out in the Book of Revelations. In this particular book we shall read all the details concerning the Temple of Jerusalem. For, if we learn such important topics from the Book of Revelations, we can easily understand the entire contents of the Book of Revelations. Like Temples of Jerusalem, we shall explore other topics such as Angels, the Martyrs, the Antichrist, Kingdom of Heaven and Judgment. There is absolutely no doubt that this book will be of great help for us to understand the message written the Book of Revelations.

Velipaduthina Visesha Seithikal

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