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Before the End is a book that consists the spiritual, physical and economical changes that are taking place in the world today. Many of us are not aware the reason behind such dramatic changes. We generally attribute the changes as developments in the field of science and technology and of course the change in the life style. But when observed very keenly, one will perceive that the so called developments and changes in the world are nothing but the events the world ought to encounter before its penultimate end. The book narrates all such changes and brings to the knowledge of the reader how such changes have already been foretold and forewarned by the Old & New Testament Prophets and Lord Himself. Read on and you will be surprised at the accuracy of the fulfillment of olden day prophesies. All those who are interested in knowing the future of the world must read this particular book. Also encourage your friends and relatives to read and understand how soon the Second Coming of Lord Jesus shall occur.

Mudivukku Munn (Tamil)

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