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Here is a book written with an intention to admonish the young preachers, pastors, prayer cell leaders, team leaders and of course the believers and Christians all alike. The only aim is to enlighten the readers with the various tools of Biblical truths and interpretations. The book carries several topics on various subjects about the modern day Christian devotion and worship and general conduct in the church. The book is segregated into chapters and each chapter will focus on a particular theme. Every theme in turn is supported by reference from the Bible. The preachers and pastors will certainly found it very easy and interesting to share the same with the flock in the church. The collection will inspire you, make you learn and provoke you to drown yourself in the biblical truths. It will convince the reader to make amendments to their ways of preaching, teaching and living. The end result is that more souls will be added to the Church, the Bride of Lord Jesus Christ. The experienced preachers will find this book all the more interesting and innovative. I am sure you will add more joy to your life after reading this small book, which can be used as a handbook for preaching.

Prasanga Peedam (Tamil)

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